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The first “do it yourself” system that allows you to display your messages on your screen, on your web-page and on mobiles. Your audience will be able to interact with your screen using their mobile. Open your communication to social networks.
It's easy and it's free.
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Free from the beginning
till the end

Freebloo is the only digital signage system that is totally free, you will never have to pay for anything.

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Your communication
in 3 different supports

Screen, Web and Mobiles: enables you to have your message on 3 different supports through just one single click.

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Interactive and
social communication

Your audience will be able to value your services, search for proximity shops, participate in surveys and much more.

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Communicate whatever you want

Videos, texts, pictures, web sites, rss... The Freebloo system is the most open and flexible you will ever find.

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Do it yourself

Freebloo is free. Download the ISO image, burn it on a DVD and install the Freebloo system on your computer.

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Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G

The only that allows a bidirectional communication between mobiles and the screen, using Bluetooth and WiFi.

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